FideliTrade Incorporated® is a full-service precious metals investment company. 

FideliTrade provides specialized bullion sales and support services to: individual investors; private banking, wealth and investment management, trust and estate professionals; and banking and brokerage institutions. FideliTrade clients may buy and sell a wide variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and bars. Delivery and custody services are available.


  • Yesterday’s global stock market turbulence, spurred by Janet Yellen’s comment that the Fed will investigate negative interest rates if needed, triggered an explosive rally in gold prices to a high of $1263.00 and marking a $200+ rally in 2016.  Yesterday’s Comex range of $67.60 was the widest in over 6 years.  GLD added 449K oz.

    Feb 12, 2016
  • After breaching $1,200.00 yesterday on the back of large sell offs in equities and oil, at $1,183.00 gold prices are retracing this morning.  Today sentiment may be guided by Janet Yellen's Congressional testimony.  The dollar has been weak since expectations of 2016 rate hikes have waned.  The strong rally in the  gold price puts it above key moving averages.

    Feb 10, 2016

IRAs and Precious Metals

  • Why add precious metals to an IRA?

    Mar 04, 2014 04:12 PM