April 14, 2021

Gold and silver remained steady today, trading around $1,735 and $25.45 respectively, as this week’s CPI data showed inflation was much higher than expected in March, and inflation was slightly higher than expected YOY. Stocks were mixed today, in part, due to inflation worries.  The Dow closed in the green, up 54 points as strong bank earnings further helped the argument for value stocks.  The S&P 500 fell 0.4% while the Nasdaq dipped 1% as growth stocks continue to get hit hardest in the reallocation to value sectors due to the rising likelihood of inflation.

April 12, 2021

Today’s 3 and 10-year bond auctions were less than stellar, leading to a rise in yields that helped push metals downward to begin the week.  Demand was substantial enough to keep yields off their 1-year highs, but metals and equities still reacted negatively to even a modest rise.  Gold is down about 0.7%, trading at $1,731, and silver is down 2%, trading at $24.80. Tomorrow’s CPI data for March should give better insight into inflation worries which will likely rattle metals markets one way or another. The Nasdaq closed down 0.36% today while the Dow fell 55 points and the S&P 500 finished flat to remain near last week’s record highs.

April 09, 2021

Gold is down nearly 1% today, currently trading at $1,741.90, after rising to its highest level in over a month yesterday as Treasury yields fell.  Yields have since reversed course and are up modestly with the 10-year ticking back above the 1.65% threshold.  Stocks are poised to end the week comfortably in the green with the Dow up 235 points heading into the final hour of trading.  The S&P and Nasdaq are up 0.60% and 0.35% respectively. For the week, gold and silver are on pace to finish up about 0.5% and 1% respectively.

April 07, 2021

Precious metals and equities both spent most of Wednesday in limbo as investors awaited today’s Fed minutes which ended up being much ado about nothing.  The Fed said basically what everyone expected them to say; things are looking better but there is a still a lot of work.  Gold and silver dipped slightly this afternoon but remain relatively unchanged for the day, trading at $1,737 and $25.20, respectively.  Stocks had one of their least volatile days in months with the Dow eking out a positive session, rising 16 points, and the S&P gaining 0.15%.  The Nasdaq declined, albeit a measly 0.07%, to close virtually flat.

April 05, 2021

Gold and silver remained fairly steady today, dipping slightly on a modest rise in treasury yields and surging equities.  Gold is trading around $1,729, close to where it has remained for the majority of the past two weeks, and silver stabilized around $24.90 after falling to $24.65 earlier today.  Stocks had one of their best days collectively in months as investors had their first full session to react to Friday’s jobs data; 916,000 jobs were created in March, which smashed expectations of 675,000.  The Dow gained 374 points or 1.13% while the S&P and Nasdaq rose 1.44% and 1.67% respectively.

March 31, 2021

Gold is up 1.6% today, currently trading at $1,713.30, after dipping yesterday to its lowest price since June, and silver is up 1.3%, comfortably back above the $24.00 threshold.  Stocks were mixed today but performed well overall.  The Nasdaq gained 1.54% in today’s session as tech stocks outperformed other sectors and the Dow fell 85 points or 0.26%.  The S&P 500 gained 0.36% to close at a new record high and finished the month of March up 4%.

March 29, 2021

Gold and silver are trading at $1,710 and $24.65, dropping 1.4% and 1.8% respectively to begin the week, as the US dollar holds steady near a 4-month high and treasury yields continue to rise with the 10-year hitting 1.7% today.  Stocks are mixed with the Dow up 0.3%, the S&P 500 flat, and the Nasdaq down nearly 1% heading into the last hour of trading.

March 26, 2021

Gold and silver both rose slightly today, closing at $1,732.60 and $25.09; however, ended the week down 0.6% and 4.4% respectively.  The PCE Price Index came in at 0.2% for February, missing estimates of 0.5%, which helped push treasury yields lower as inflation fears seem unwarranted—at least in the short-term future.  Stocks gained on the news, including the Nasdaq which was hit hardest on inflation worries and rising yields, which gained 1.24% today.  The S&P rose 1.66% for its best daily performance in weeks and the Dow jumped 450 points.

March 25, 2021

Gold and silver dropped today as the US dollar continues to rise and is now at its highest level since early November.  Silver dipped to its lowest level since January before stabilizing around $25.15 and gold is down $8.00, trading at $1,727.  Overall, the week is shaping up to be one of the most stable for precious metals after months of volatility that saw metals swinging 5-10% weekly.  After spending most of the day in the red, stocks have since turned positive with the Dow and S&P 500 up about 0.6% each and the Nasdaq up about 0.2%.  The Russell 2000 is outperforming all, up 2.5%, after yesterday’s earnings fueled small-cap selloff.

March 22, 2021

Gold is trading nearly flat around $1,740 today while silver dipped below $26.00 and is currently down $0.50, trading at $25.82.  Stocks finished in the green today as rising COVID cases among the new variants provides investors security that the Fed will continue to intervene to maintain economic security which was seen in today’s treasury yields dropping today.  The Dow gained 100 points and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rose 0.70% and 1.23% respectively.