December 07, 2018

Gold and silver are both up substantially, trading at $1,245.00 and $14.61 respectively.  Gold reached its highest price since mid-July and silver its highest in over a month.  The rise comes as November’s employment data showed only 155,000 jobs were created last month, falling short of expectations.

December 05, 2018

Gold is down $3.50 this morning, trading at $1,237.70, after peaking yesterday at its highest price since July.  Plunging stocks drove metals prices up amid fears that a positive trade agreement with China may not be possible in the near futures.  U.S. equity markets are closed today to mourn the passing of President George HW Bush. 

December 03, 2018

Gold is currently up $11.70, trading at $1,232.10, which is its highest level in nearly a month.  Silver is up $0.37 at $14.51, its strongest price in nearly two weeks.  The climb comes after the US and China agreed to a truce, easing trade tensions and sending the US dollar lower.  Stocks rallied after the news, with the Dow up over 300 points this morning.

November 30, 2018

Jerome’s Powell’s comments regarding target interest rates earlier this week,  seemed to have a short-term effect on precious metals with prices down across the board.  Gold is currently trading at $1,217.60, down $7.20, and silver is performing worse, down nearly 2% for the day.  Stocks, which rallied after the news, retreated slightly and are trading relatively flat this morning.

November 28, 2018

Gold began the day down but wiped away this week’s losses after Jerome Powell hinted that interest rate hikes will be slowing down in the future. Gold is currently up $10.20, trading at $1,223.40.  Stocks also spiked, with the Dow gaining 400 points today, most of which were after Powell’s dovish toned speech.

November 26, 2018

Gold and silver remain relatively flat, currently down $0.80 and $.04 respectively, as stocks are up across the board.  The rise, however, was not unexpected after stocks had their worst Thanksgiving week in decades.  The US dollar remains unchanged today, further alleviating downward pressure put on gold, even with equities rising.

November 21, 2018

Gold and silver are up $4.80 and $0.18 respectively this morning after stocks plunged yesterday to erase 2018’s gains.  The dollar is down this morning perhaps because this most recent decline in equities may slowdown future rate hikes, which has benefited precious metals so far today. 


November 19, 2018

Gold is up $1.30, currently trading at $1,224.00, as the US dollar continues to retreat from its 16-month high reached earlier in November.  US equities begin the shortened trading week down, led primarily by continuing trade tensions between the US and China and disappointing home builder confidence which dipped to a 2-year low.

November 16, 2018

Gold is up $7.20 this morning at $1,221.90, rebounding after dipping below $1,200.00 earlier this week.  The rise comes as the US dollar is down 0.60% this morning after Fed Vice Chairman Clarida struck a more dovish tone regarding the Fed’s benchmark rates than he or other members had in the past.  Palladium reached a new record high today above $1,170.00 as supply concerns caused an influx in trading volume this week.

November 12, 2018

Gold is down 0.35% and silver 0.95% this morning, dipping to their lowest levels in over a month. The drop comes as the US dollar is up 0.50% today, reaching its highest level since July, 2017 amid the likelihood of rising interest rates next month. Stocks are feeling the effects of the burgeoning dollar as well, with the Dow and Nasdaq currently down 1.3% and 2.5% respectively.