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FideliTrade Incorporated offers a full range of specialized precious metals clearing and administrative services to an international network of commercial entities. Our comprehensive menu of trading, custody, delivery, and support services enables banks, brokerage firms and other commercial enterprises to enhance their product mix and service capabilities, and earn additional income, while increasing cross-sale opportunities and reducing the permanent loss of customer assets to competing institutions. And all this can be accomplished with little or no risk or cost.

FideliTrade can tailor a precious metals program to suit your company’s experience, resources and requirements. Through FideliTrade’s Institutional Trading and Administration Service, FideliTrade becomes your provider of trading, custody and administrative services. All accounts are titled in your institution’s name, and only your designated staff members are authorized to conduct trades. You may elect to conduct your business through a single “omnibus account” or create an unlimited number of accounts corresponding to each of your individual clients. In either case, FideliTrade will provide you with detailed reports of all activity and holdings. The Institutional Trading and Administration Service is designed for regulated financial institutions that are willing to dedicate some marketing and administrative resources to the development of a proprietary precious metals service, but do not want to incur the expense of developing a comprehensive program of their own.

FideliTrade offers its correspondent institutions a safe, convenient and cost effective method to provide precious metals investments to their customers.

FideliTrade’s institutional clientele include banks, brokerage firms, investment funds and other financial service organizations.

FideliTrade’s Services:
  • Trading services (purchase and liquidation)
  • Custody and administrative services
  • Armored transportation and other insured delivery services
  • Operational, administrative and marketing support
FideliTrade’s Location:

  • Strategically located in Wilmington, Delaware (with additional storage options in Canada & Switzerland)
  • No state sales tax on trades or custody services
  • The liquidation of bullion does not create a nexus status for state income tax purposes
  • No corporate net worth, personal inventory or transfer taxes applied to physical bullion transactions.  Call FideliTrade at (302) 762-2500 to discuss your specific needs and determine which services and accounting structure best meet your needs.

FideliTrade is an authorized mint distributor and trades with a nationwide network of bullion dealers and refiners – which means that you can trade a wide variety of bullion products at highly competitive prices.  Buying and selling is easy and straightforward.

FideliTrade offers electronic trading to institutions for immediate pricing and order placement.

Whenever you have questions or need assistance, simply call FideliTrade’s Commercial Trading Department at (302) 762-2500.



FideliTrade offers multiple custody options.  Bulk Custody, Individual Custody and Segregated Custody services allow your customers to choose the service that’s best for them.

FideliTrade also offers multiple custody locations.  Your customers can hold their metal in the US, Canada and Zurich*.

Bulk Custody

The Bulk Custody Service is the most cost effective way to invest in precious metals through FideliTrade. Take advantage of narrow spreads and avoid coin and bar premiums. Customers receive confirmations and periodic statements detailing all transactions and holdings. Buy, sell or take request at any time. Customers can convert their bullion to coins and bars for a nominal fee.  Delivery upon request is available.

Individual Custody

The Individual Custody Service is FideliTrade’s most cost effective and popular custody service for specific bars and coins. Customers receive confirmations and periodic statements detailing all transactions and holdings. Bullion is held in a fully allocated account and customers can buy, sell, or request delivery at any time.

Segregated Custody

Segregated Custody is FideliTrade’s premier custody service. With segregated storage, bullion is held separate and apart from the bullion of other customers. Bullion is separately packaged, sealed in its own container, and uniquely labeled specifically for each customer. Bullion is held in a fully allocated account and customers can buy, sell, or request delivery at any time.

Customer Protections and Insurance

Customer holdings are protected through the use of FideliTrade’s account structure, proprietary systems, stringent internal controls, and state-of-the-art security systems, along with various insurance coverages. Legal protections are afforded through the Uniform Commercial Code (i.e., holdings are identified as customer, not FideliTrade assets). Also, FideliTrade maintains $1 Billion in “all risk” insurance coverage for bullion held in its high-security vaults, and $100 million in contingent vault coverage. Our policy is through London underwriters and includes all risks of physical loss and/or physical damage, including mysterious disappearance and/or unexplained loss and shortage, employee dishonesty and theft. Loss or damage from fire, flood or other natural disaster are covered. Loss from acts of war, terrorism, cyber attack, radioactive contamination, and chemical, biological, biochemical and electromagnetic weapons are excluded.

*Zurich location only holds gold.

How to Take Delivery of Bullion


Inshipments cropped

  • FideliTrade typically ships packages using FedEx.  However, armored carrier and other express carriers can be arranged.
  • Packages shipped via express carrier or USPS are insured up to $100,000.


How to Ship Bullion to FideliTrade


  • Contact FideliTrade’s Operations Department and they will provide estimated shipping cost and instructions.
Counterfeit Equipment Sigma2FideliTrade works closely with our wholly owned depository to ensure that bullion that is sold or deposited into the depository is thoroughly inspected and tested. Substantial resources are continuously dedicated to obtain counterfeit detection equipment, technology and experienced personnel. Dimension measurement devices, precision scales, density equipment, magnets, conductivity testers, thickness & inclusion ultrasounds, resonant ultrasounds, x-ray florescence spectroscopy, and specialized x-ray imaging among other processes are utilized onsite to assure incoming bullion is authentic. Putting these safeguards in place enables us to stand behind every piece of bullion that is sold. FideliTrade has built our reputation on trust and we take that very seriously.

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